500 E. Lennon Drive, (Hwy 69)

Emory, TX 75440



Lanney Hudgins, Owner

About Us


We are a Family Owned & Operated Full Service Restaurant located in Emory, Texas. We also offer cafeteria style from 11am to 4pm and Full Service at night from 4pm to Closing. Since 1983 Lanney Hudgins has been serving some of the best Barbecue in North Texas.


We are actively involved with our community and our restaurant is an icon with the locals. We strive to make the atmosphere in our place comfortable, clean and cozy. You can take a look at our photos to see what we mean.


We believe that if we serve great food, have a clean environment with great prices then our customers will come back time and time again. Seems to work because we have repeat customers from decades past.


Come out and see us at Circle H Barbecue & Grill and let us know what you think. We are always looking for ways to improve. We look forward to seeing you.

Circle H Barbecue & Grill, 500 E. Lennon Drive, Hwy 69, Emory, TX 75440

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500 E. Lennon Drive

Hwy 69

Emory, TX 75440